Selasa, 14 September 2010

movie mini-review : Hello Stranger

yesterday, i went to Blitzmegaplex, Paris Van Java to watch a Thai Movie titled "Hello Stranger" with my besties Mirna and Dina :) actually i dont really know about the story, i dont even read the synopsis. but alot of my friends recomend this movie and they said this movie is "a must see"! don't you think it makes you more courious? and tarrrraaa~ here i come! we bought the ticket, watched the movie, and.... it's totally AWWWH-SOME!!! :p

"Not knowing each other. They fall in love."

"Hello Stranger" gave us a different taste from nowadays-movie :) This is a Thai movie with Seoul (and all about Korea) as the background. Directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun who previously co-directed the hit horror thrillers Shutter and Alone then Phobia & 4bia. Starring : Chantavit Thanasevi and Neungtida Sophon. For me, the genre is silly-comedy-sweet-sad yet romantic hehe^^ the story is about a pair of young Thais who are going to have a vacation to Seoul, South Korea. at first they're not knowing each other, they have their own plan to Seoul.
until that silly guy who broke up with his girlfrienfd (in Thai) meet the woman who stayed at different hotel with the guy. the guy is getting drunk and landing at the backpacker-hostel doorstep of the woman. after that moment, the guy is following the woman to everywhere.
and it started from here, they went together for 2 days and suddenly they realized something different between them. the guy looks confused and doesn't even know about his "feeling" to the woman. they didn't want to know each other's name. to cover it, the woman says her name is "May" and she gave a name to the guy which is called "Darng" (haha what kind of name is it?!).

the silly couple "May" and "Darng" :p

aaah i think i can't write the whole story, haha :D so sorry :) but if you really want to know more about the movie review, i'll give you the link here :) Please enjoy it! and dont forget to watch the movie as soon as possible! :) For you who lived in Bandung, you can watch "Hello Stranger" only at Blitzmegaplex :)

don't you love this scene?

their hilarious moment at Namsan Tower, Seoul

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  1. me love this film toooo!
    we should watch some fun films together again!! :)
    ssttt this film reminds me of someone.. and makes tree of us (u, me, dina) wanna have a boy like darng! hahaha xD

  2. it's a must naaa! ayo cari film yg bagus lagi ;)
    Darng is sooooo my type haahaha