Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

mini review : SHERLOCK HOLMES the movie

yesterday, I went to Jakarta and meet some old-friends at PIM2. we decide to watch SHERLOCK HOLMES the movie, 'cause people can't stop talking about that. they say that this movie is AWESOME! GREAT! and many more. we're just courious, and finally bought the tickets ;)
Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, were great! their act is succesfully make me so amazed! the story, the music, the angle, all effects and of course the acting is TWO THUMBS UP! ;)
every move by Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is well-counted, well-prepared, and straight to the object. Smart yet brilliant! his tricks to get the Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) were so unexpected! and it's so outta my mind, that beneath it all Lord Blackwood is not doing the black magic, it's Science (or some kind of chemistry with those formulas) that he played captiously, so we knew that it was blackmagic. and Holmes? he can solve it clearly! also with his match dr.Watson (Jude Law) and his ex-tricky-girlfriend Irene Addler (Rachel McAdams). They are rocks! Smart, Funny, Brilliant, and Tricky! Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up for SHERLOCK HOLMES the movie! :) to see the official website click here

the movie


Addler, Holmes's ex-girlfriend


Lord Blackwood

Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

a midnite-strawberry-pudding :)

i have no interesting activity on 9 p.m last nite. and i walked into the kitchen and found some stuffs to make a pudding, haha. and i made it ;)

making the fla

ready to eat ! yummy ;)

thanks to Nessa for trying my pudding, it's easy to cook honey :)
by the way, this is my express-one, because it's so instant :p
you can make it by your own recipe, and mix it with everything :))

RADENRORO.COM : This one is my fave !

last year, one of my tweet-friend tweeting a nice info about new designer from Indonesia. her name is Liquica Anggraini, an Indonesian-born designer. her designs named by Indonesian name, especially from javanesse name, such as Aulia, Mulyani, Fahrina, Galih, and many more. she has a different style on designing. i just love it ;) and also proud to know she's from my beloved country, Indonesia. And the special one is, she's now got her brand on New York, and popular enough. visit her, click : RADENRORO Online and her blog. here are some of her designs

looking for dresses

yeah, I'm on my mood to add my dress-collection. Me and mom went to (some kind of) shopping centre, named "Pasar Baru" (is it "New Market" in english?haha). we bought some cloths(materials) and going to sew it all! :) here the photos..

the pink one, kind of cotton but i forget the type :D

dark blue, still from cotton but thiner than that pink one.

its color similar to dark gray and it has a pattern.

and now what i am looking for is the new model for my fashion ;)
browsing to ZARA ONLINE and i found some

but not all of them are dresses, some are blouses, well not a bad idea to sew some blouses too.
which one do you like ? still thinking which are the bests ;)
happy sewing people!!

Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Spaghetti on Tuesday Nite

It was 8 p.m and i'm starving. I've been wondering about special noodle+boiled egg since the day is raining. with my enthusiasm, am going to the kitchen and tryin to find that instant noodle, but.. taraaaa~ there's no noodle :( and suddenly, there's a click-sound on my mind and said : "how about cooking a spaghetti??" , and yes! i've made it, with the most express trick, haha. here are the steps :

1. put the pasta into boiling water, for about 5-7minutes then put it out and drain it. While you're cooling the pasta, you can make the sauce. i choose the instant sauce, 'cause it's faster :D
2. you can mix everything you want to mix into the sauce. i mixed it with sausage, then bring to the boil about 3-5minutes, and pour it onto the pasta.

3. Last but not least, rasping the cheese! yeay, rasp the cheese onto the spaghetti. And taraaaaa~ "Spaghetti on Tuesday Nite" is ready to eat! ;) I made it for about 15minutes.
hmmm, yummmy! hope you can do it better than me :) bon apettite!


Yess, Happy New Year Twenty-Ten people! :)
This is it, 2010. Let's start the beginning with new spirits and your best, and make your end with success, joyful, and love. on last N.Y.E 2010, i celebrated it with my lovely people, family and bestfriends. We made a time-capsule-lookalike :D filled with our 2010's resolutions. Each of us wrote the resolutions on a paper and store it to the box (which is the time capsule) hehe. We'll open it at the end of 2010 which is NYE 2011, hope we can make our resolutions come true! whatever it is, I wish we'll be a better person, a standard wish but hard to make it real, isn't it?! haha. So, once again, happy new year 2010 everyonneee! have a great year! (anyway, this is my first post on my new blog, hope you'll enjoy it). Here's the documentation :)

the time capsule :)

2010 by fireworks

my besties! BAPISS fam :)