Selasa, 05 Januari 2010


Yess, Happy New Year Twenty-Ten people! :)
This is it, 2010. Let's start the beginning with new spirits and your best, and make your end with success, joyful, and love. on last N.Y.E 2010, i celebrated it with my lovely people, family and bestfriends. We made a time-capsule-lookalike :D filled with our 2010's resolutions. Each of us wrote the resolutions on a paper and store it to the box (which is the time capsule) hehe. We'll open it at the end of 2010 which is NYE 2011, hope we can make our resolutions come true! whatever it is, I wish we'll be a better person, a standard wish but hard to make it real, isn't it?! haha. So, once again, happy new year 2010 everyonneee! have a great year! (anyway, this is my first post on my new blog, hope you'll enjoy it). Here's the documentation :)

the time capsule :)

2010 by fireworks

my besties! BAPISS fam :)

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