Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

a midnite-strawberry-pudding :)

i have no interesting activity on 9 p.m last nite. and i walked into the kitchen and found some stuffs to make a pudding, haha. and i made it ;)

making the fla

ready to eat ! yummy ;)

thanks to Nessa for trying my pudding, it's easy to cook honey :)
by the way, this is my express-one, because it's so instant :p
you can make it by your own recipe, and mix it with everything :))

2 komentar:

  1. annisaaaaa!! i just woke up and i opened tumblr. then, i found your link to this blog. NOW I'M EXTREMELY HUNGRY, nothing that i can eat in my home and i have to see your pudding pic??? huhuhuhu...

    anyway, so you're a no-madenism blogger, huh? how many blog do you have? LOL

  2. hahahha first of all, yes am sorry am no-madenism blogger, sometimes i forget the password, so i made the new one, haha ;) sorry for bothering

    yeaah, so why dont u make it? it's instant pudding, easy to make, haha. (is my comment too late? :p)