Rabu, 06 Januari 2010

looking for dresses

yeah, I'm on my mood to add my dress-collection. Me and mom went to (some kind of) shopping centre, named "Pasar Baru" (is it "New Market" in english?haha). we bought some cloths(materials) and going to sew it all! :) here the photos..

the pink one, kind of cotton but i forget the type :D

dark blue, still from cotton but thiner than that pink one.

its color similar to dark gray and it has a pattern.

and now what i am looking for is the new model for my fashion ;)
browsing to ZARA ONLINE and i found some

but not all of them are dresses, some are blouses, well not a bad idea to sew some blouses too.
which one do you like ? still thinking which are the bests ;)
happy sewing people!!

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