Selasa, 05 Januari 2010

Spaghetti on Tuesday Nite

It was 8 p.m and i'm starving. I've been wondering about special noodle+boiled egg since the day is raining. with my enthusiasm, am going to the kitchen and tryin to find that instant noodle, but.. taraaaa~ there's no noodle :( and suddenly, there's a click-sound on my mind and said : "how about cooking a spaghetti??" , and yes! i've made it, with the most express trick, haha. here are the steps :

1. put the pasta into boiling water, for about 5-7minutes then put it out and drain it. While you're cooling the pasta, you can make the sauce. i choose the instant sauce, 'cause it's faster :D
2. you can mix everything you want to mix into the sauce. i mixed it with sausage, then bring to the boil about 3-5minutes, and pour it onto the pasta.

3. Last but not least, rasping the cheese! yeay, rasp the cheese onto the spaghetti. And taraaaaa~ "Spaghetti on Tuesday Nite" is ready to eat! ;) I made it for about 15minutes.
hmmm, yummmy! hope you can do it better than me :) bon apettite!

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