Jumat, 08 Januari 2010

mini review : SHERLOCK HOLMES the movie

yesterday, I went to Jakarta and meet some old-friends at PIM2. we decide to watch SHERLOCK HOLMES the movie, 'cause people can't stop talking about that. they say that this movie is AWESOME! GREAT! and many more. we're just courious, and finally bought the tickets ;)
Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong, were great! their act is succesfully make me so amazed! the story, the music, the angle, all effects and of course the acting is TWO THUMBS UP! ;)
every move by Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is well-counted, well-prepared, and straight to the object. Smart yet brilliant! his tricks to get the Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) were so unexpected! and it's so outta my mind, that beneath it all Lord Blackwood is not doing the black magic, it's Science (or some kind of chemistry with those formulas) that he played captiously, so we knew that it was blackmagic. and Holmes? he can solve it clearly! also with his match dr.Watson (Jude Law) and his ex-tricky-girlfriend Irene Addler (Rachel McAdams). They are rocks! Smart, Funny, Brilliant, and Tricky! Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up for SHERLOCK HOLMES the movie! :) to see the official website click here

the movie


Addler, Holmes's ex-girlfriend


Lord Blackwood

4 komentar:

  1. me love it tooo ! :)
    i'm failed finding any part of the movie that i don't like.. hahahaha.
    all are perfect. even the dog. hahahhaa.. :D

  2. haha yes perfectly, even the dog, he acts smart! so love it ;)

  3. awww makes me want to watch this more after reading r post. :D
    i think they put up such a great mix of actors in it..

  4. hey thanks for ur comment :)
    yeaaah you better watch it a.s.a.p ;)
    it's just like good-good-great combination from all :)