Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

brand a new life !

hey, yup say hello to a "new life" ! i mean the healthy life, hehe. let me tell you what i'm going to change, from now, i ...

eat rice for only 100gr/5 spoon (third a day)/havermout/bread (wheat)
eat non-fat chicken/fresh meat/fish
eat all the vegetables

my snacks are jelly, fruits, and vegie biscuits
my soft drinks are mineral water and non-fat milk

and my spare time is working my body out, haha, yup sports!

haha, at first i cant believe it, i think i cant do this. but i try to put it on my mind, change my mind-set and being discipline. it's been a week, i hope i can do it more and more.

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

Talking about : Thai Tea

have you ever tried Thai Tea? or at least you read/heard about Thai Tea in a restaurant?
yup, Thai tea is a tea from Thailand :) my first Thai Tea is Hanamasa's, it really is the greatest tea!

i dont know how to describe the unique-taste of it. it's like a black tea mixed with milk or something. from that moment, i start to become a fan of Thai Tea! haha :) you must try!
last week i went to a "go-green-concept" cafe named Origin, and its menu served Thai Iced Tea, and with no doubt i ordered it for my cooler drink in the afternoon :D don't ask me about the taste, it's AWH-SOME, great, daebak, i love it! :')
origin's thai tea

so, i try to googling what's Thai Tea? what's the benefit of Thai Tea, and more, here are some of'em, hope you'll enjoy it!

"Thai tea has a distinctively floral and spicy flavor, mellowed by the addition of sweetened, condensed-milk* . Red and yellow food color are often added to give Thai tea its unusual orange color. Traditionally the cream is added at the last minute, only to be mixed by the recipient. Some varieties of Thai tea can be prepared hot, but they are meant as breakfast beverages."

*Condensed milk is a highly shelf-stable milk product made by evaporating much of the water from milk to create a thick, syrupy liquid, and adding sugar to it before canning the milk in a sterilized can

based on my googling result here are The ingredients in Thai tea :
the tea's base is usually made from cut black tea leaves grown primarily in Asia.
One common spice added to the strongly brewed tea is star anise-powder*, which provides a sweet licorice flavor. Star anise is not as bitter as other anise varieties, and also has a pleasant floral undertone.

*Anise or aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) is a vegetable as well as an herb, and comes from the same family, Apiaceae, as fennel, which is also used both as an herb and a vegetable
"The additional red and yellow food coloring also helps to suggest the unusual blend of citrus and floral flavors found in Thai tea. Thai tea is almost always served pre-sweetened with sugar. The added creamer suggests a snow-covered mountain when served, then the entire beverage takes on an orange or red hue as it is mixed by the customer. The sweetness and creaminess of Thai tea helps to balance out the spiciness of many Thai sauces and entrees."

so, why don't you try Thai Tea ? hehe hope this post will help you to know more about Thai tea :) please enjoy !